British Women Writers Association

The British Women Writers Association was founded in 1991 for the purpose of encouraging the study of lesser-known women writers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In recent years, it has expanded its interests beyond recovery work and sought to encourage a diversity of critical approaches to a broad variety of texts.

In focusing on British women’s literature and culture, we neither imply the existence of an essentially female literary tradition nor an exclusively white literary past. Instead, we hope that the focus on Britain will provide a specific cultural context in which we can investigate a dense and complicated intersection of colonial and national subjects as well as gender and racial issues. 

Pamela Corpron Parker and Cindy LaCom, “Introduction,” Nineteenth-Century Contexts, vol. 19 [1996]

At BWWC23, we want to recommit to and update this mission statement. We welcome papers that cross generic, chronological, and geographic boundaries and prompt re-evaluation of who we imagine to be a “British woman writer”. In this we are inspired by the most recent BWWC, at Baylor University (2022), and hope to continue the work begun there.